Rules and Regulations


All member handicaps are calculated monthly on the first day of every month. Under the current S.A.G.A. rules, all affiliated golfers have an official handicap and a competition allowance. The official handicap is calculated on the average of the best 10 of the last 20 gross score differentials measured against the rating of the course played. The official handicap is used for all individual formats of play and the competition allowance, which is calculated at 75% of official handicap, is used for all better ball and alliance formats.

All affiliated golfers are required to enter every score for handicap purposes, of all rounds played in R.S.A. Nil returns may be entered when the format of play does not allow a score to be used ie when playing Foursomes, Greensomes, Scramble Alliance and official Matchplay. All scores must be entered within 72 hours of the completion of a round. Scores not returned on time could result in a penalty score, equivalent to the par of the course, being entered on the player’s behalf. In the event that any members are unable to enter a score on time they are welcome to contact the Pro-shop and request them to enter a score.

Any member transferring their handicap from another club are required to bring their last 20 scores across to Euphoria in order to obtain a handicap.

Use of Cell phones

Cell phones have become part of daily living but should be used with discretion at the golf club. The principle to bear in mind is not to disturb or offend other players or guests.

All visitors to the Country Club are requested to put phones on silent mode when in the clubhouse or on the course. When making or receiving a phone call members and guests are required to step outside the building or away from other players and to conduct the call in private.

Safety and security

The Windhoek Golf and Country Club is considered to be a safe and secure environment but one can never be careful enough. All players and visitors are encouraged to take care of their personal possessions. Valuables should be secured in a locker provided and not left unattended in the locker room.

Any incident of loss or theft should be reported immediately to the Pro-shop or to reception for investigation by security.

The Club accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or theft of personal property.

Lost and Found

Any lost property found on the course or in the clubhouse should be handed in, to the Pro-shop where it will be held in safekeeping until claimed by the owner. Lost and found property will be recorded in a register and held in the merchandise store in the Pro-shop for a maximum period of 3 months after which it will be disposed of.

Dress Code

The culture at Windhoek Golf and Country Club is designed to allow all visitors the opportunity to have fun and to enjoy them. This can only be achieved if everybody who visits the estate “plays by the rules”. With this in mind the dress code in the clubhouse is relaxed and on the course players must comply with generally accepted golf attire.

On the Course

Players are required to be appropriately dressed for golf. Jeans and tee shirts are not permitted under any circumstances. Shirts with bold or excessive advertising are not permitted. Only golf shoes fitted with soft spikes and “tekkies” will be allowed.

In the Clubhouse

Casual wear is appropriate throughout the clubhouse. Shirts and footwear must be worn at all times. Management reserves the right to monitor dress code and to take appropriate corrective action against offenders.


The Rules of Golf dictate that it is the player’s sole responsibility to stop play and leave the course when threatened by bad weather. Any player leaving the course due to the risk of lightning may resume play in the field without penalty when the weather has cleared. The Club has no weather warning system in place and takes no responsibility whatsoever for the safety of players. In the event of lightning, players are encouraged to return immediately to the safety of the clubhouse.


All players are expected to:

  • Keep up with the speed of play
  • Make every effort to catch up with the 4 ball ahead after searching for a lost ball
  • Behave with dignity and courtesy on the course
  • Make use of the litter bins provided
  • Rake all bunkers after play
  • Fill all divots made on the tees and fairways
  • Repair all pitch marks on greens properly
  • Play in accordance with the Rules of Golf

The Constitution of the Country Club defines all members’ rights and privileges. Players are required to comply with the requirements of the constitution at all times. The Constitution is available on request from the Director of Golf.

Liability Disclaimer

The Club does not accept responsibility whatsoever for any loss of life or theft of money, bags, keys, clubs, clothing, valuables or any loss of property or for damage or loss of any vehicle on the estate nor any injury or damage to any person. The Club does not accept responsibility for any damage to property occasioned by any act or omission of any of the Club`s members, guests, servants or agents. The Club will not be held responsible for safekeeping of any property or goods brought on to the property by any person. The Club takes no responsibility whatsoever for injury or death incurred as a result of a lightning strike.

Western Bypass, Windhoek, Namibia

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