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The Procedure

The Windhoek Golf and Country Club are open seven days of the week and including public holidays. The Golf Club will be closed for play on December 25 and January 1 of every year.

Members and visitors may book to play golf by:

Making a reservation through the Shop Assistant in the Pro-shop

Accessing the Golf Time electronic tee booking system via the Website

Giving our ProShop a call

Group reservations can be made by contacting:

Steve Basson – Director of Golf

E-mail: or phone the Country Club on +264 61 205 5223

Individual time sheet bookings can be made 60 days in advance and group bookings can be made 12 months in advance.

Start of Play

Players are requested to report to their respective starting tees at least 7 minutes before the reserved starting time. If any player is going to be late for a tee off time they are requested to advise the Club accordingly so that the remaining players in the group can be informed. In the event that one player in a 4 ball is late the remaining three players are required to tee off on time and the 4th player will join the 4 ball on the course.

In the event that two or three players in a 4 ball are late the remaining players will be required to forfeit their place in the field and move to the back of the field or be slotted into the field when the players who are late arrive. It is common golf etiquette to arrive at the Club and to be on time for starting play.


Cancellations must be made no later than 48 hours before the booked time. Cancellations after this deadline will be billed and will be considered only under exceptional circumstances.

No Shows

Players who fail to arrive for a booked tee time will be dealt with harshly. This is not considered to be fair on the other golfers in the field or on the Club. It is simply bad golf etiquette. Green fees will be charged for all “no shows” and disciplinary action will be taken against repetitive offenders.

Speed of Play

The course is long and the Club expects an 18 hole round of golf to take 5 hours. All players are requested to prepare themselves for a 5 hour round and to enjoy the beautiful surrounds rather than to become frustrated.

The speed of play will be monitored on busy days and players are requested to cooperate fully with the Players Assistants` when instructed to speed up play.

There are a few simple guidelines to help players complete their round in the required time:

  • Be on the starting tee ready to play 7 minutes before scheduled tee off time
  • Tee off on the scheduled tee time whether or not all players are present
  • Keep up with the 4 ball in front. The Club will concern itself with the 4 ball behind
  • The first 4 ball to tee off on any day has the responsibility to set the speed of play
  • Be completely ready to play when it is your turn
  • Use the halfway house stop as an opportunity to catch up with the 4 ball ahead of you
  • Obey the Starters and Players Assistants
  • Pick up if you can no longer score on a hole

The Players Assistants are there to help all players enjoy their round so please do not abuse their authority.

Playing Fees

All golfers booked to play a round of golf are required to pay for the game ahead of play. Playing fees will be determined from time to time for all categories of players. Players may be required to produce proof of payment and any player unable to do so will be removed from the course and banned from playing at Euphoria in the future.

Western Bypass, Windhoek, Namibia

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